We Hangzhou AIBAI is a growth company, it is arising star of the colorants industry in China. Our main products are organic pigments and solvent dyes. We provide inorganic pigment for different customers at the same time. Our products are widely used in all kinds of areas (such as paints, inks, plastic and etc.). We also make products according to customers' different specifications.

We have a strong desire to be prominent in the pigment industry, Our two main principles are Quality and Reliabiliy. our target is to be the best supplier for our customers. We constantly challenge ourselves to meet and exceed customers' expectations on quality and service.



  • Organic pigment

    Organic pigment is a cyclic organic compound which consists of hydrocrbon.Organic pigments clear shade and hign color-strength.There are lotes of slight differences from every...

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  • Inorganic pigment

    Inorganic pigment is Inorganic compounds which is made from chemical reaction or natuarl way of Chromogens, Zn, Pb,Cr, Sb, Ti, Cd, Fe, As, Mg, Al etc.It has a good...

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  • Fluorescent pigments

    Fluorescent pigmentsFluorescent pigment based thermosetting resin as raw material, it has a high tinting strength, a strong anti-fade, a very fine particle size, and a strong Solvent resistance.……

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  • Solvent dye

    Solvent dye Az0-and Apthraquinone-dyes with good miscibility to various plastic materials, such as polyolefins /PS / ABS / PVC etc.This range is also good for coloring purpose for petroleum products as ...

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