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Pigment for plastic

The pigment used for plastic includes the following product models.
For product TDS and MSDS, please click the product name to view the details.
Product Name Color Index No. Full Color
Benzidine Yellow G-R Pigment yellow 12  
Fast yellow GR Pigment yellow 13  
Fast yellow 2GS Pigment yellow 14  
Fast Yellow 2G Pigment yellow 17  
Fast Yellow WSR Pigment yellow 62  
Benzidine Yellow 10G Pigment yellow 81  
Benzidine Yellow HR Pigment yellow 83  
Benzidine Yellow HR02 Pigment yellow 83  
Fast Yellow FGL Pigment yellow 97  
Fast Yellow 2RLP Pigment yellow 110  
Fast Yellow 138 Pigment yellow 138  
Fast Yellow K1841 Pigment yellow 139  
Fast Yellow 150 Pigment yellow 150  
Hansa Yellow H4G Pigment yellow 151  
Fast Yellow H3G Pigment yellow 154  
Fast Yellow K-5G Pigment yellow 168  
Fast Yellow 180 Pigment yellow 180  
Fast Yellow K-2270 Pigment yellow 183  
Fast Yellow HGR Pigment yellow 191  
Fast Orange RL Pigment orange 34  
Benzimidazolone Orange HL Pigment orange 36  
Fast Orange GRL Pigment orange 43  
Benzimidazolone orange GL Pigment orange 64  
Pigment orange 73 Pigment orange 73  
Fast Red 2BP Pigment red 48:2  
Fast Red 2BS-P Pigment red 48:3  
Fast lake Red C-SNL Pigment red 53:1  
Fast Rubine Red 4BP Pigment red 57:1  
Fast Pink E02 Pigment red 122  
Fast red BR Pigment red 144  
Fast Red B Pigment red 149  
Fast Red F3RK Pigment red 170  
Fast Red F5RK Pigment red 170  
Fast Red HFT Pigment red 175  
Fast Red HF3C Pigment red 176  
Permanent Carmine HF4C Pigment red 185  
Monastral Magenta Pigment red 202  
PV Red HF2B Pigment red 208  
Fast Red DPP Pigment red 254  
Fast Red 2255 Pigment red 255  
Quinacridone Violet 19 Pigment violet 19  
Permanent Violet RL Pigment violet 23  
Perylene Violet K-5011 Pigment violet 29  
Phthalo Blue(α-form) Pigment blue 15  
Phthalo Blue(NC α-Form)15:1 Pigment blue 15:1  
Phthalo Blue(NCβ-Form)15:3 Pigment blue 15:3  
Phthalo Blue(NCNFβ-Form)15:6 Pigment blue 15:6  
Pigment Blue A3R Pigment blue 60  
Phthalocyanine Green G Pigment green 7  
Cyanine Green 36 Pigment green 36  
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