The development of nickel plating technology,mainly reflected in its brightener research.We can appropriate combination of nickel plating intermediates and formulate good performance primary and secondary nickel plating brightener according to the application,dosage and the use method of various types of nickel plating intermediates.
Electroplating intermediates including nickel plating intermediate,copper plating intermediate,zinc plating intermediate and etc.

Nickel Plating Intermediates

1.Primary nickel intermediate
Including BB I、ALS、PS、VS、ATPN、SSO3、PN etc.Its mainly application is improve the softness of the plating,refine the crystal,enhance the brightener and filling in low zone,promote movement,masking impurities,some also have depolarization.
2.Secondary nickel intermediate
Including BEO、POPDH、PABS、PAP、DEP、PA、PME etc.They also have the effect to brightener and filling,can enhance the filled products polishing and mark.For example,DEP can make the plate mirror brighten quickly with plump and smooth gloss.
3.Non-sulfur nickel intermediate
Including BEO、POPDH、PABS、PAP、DEP、PA、PME.They can use for semi-bright nickel light agent,non-sulfur of the nickel bottom.With this craft,semi-bright nickel plate can have a columnar microstructure,less than 0.005% sulfur in plate.
4.Sulfur nickel intermediate
Including PS、ATPN、PN、PPS、PPSOH、SSO3、BB I、VS、EHS etc.We use sulfur intermediate in nickel brightener.It can make a certain potential difference between bright nickel and semi-bright nickel,make the STEP above 130 mV.BSS and ATPN can used for high sulfur nickel additives,with the combination three layer of nickel,the STEP can reach 160 mV,and have much better corrosion.
5.White bright nickel intermediate
Including MOSS、TPP、BBI、EHS、PPSOH etc.The brightener compound from these intermediate can plate the products with white pearl color.
6.Black light nickel intermediate
Including PAP、BMP etc.The brightener compound from these intermediate can plate the products with the effect of glossy black and elegant.
7.Auxiliary intermediates
Including TC—EHS,MA-80,it can help wetting and ATPN,PN,it has the effect of edulcoration and movement.
Product Name Cas No. Details
Nickel plating intermediate-ALS 2495-39-8 more
Nickel plating intermediate-ATPN 5398-29-8 more
Nickel plating intermediate-BBI 2618-96-4 more
Nickel plating intermediate-BEO 1606-85-5 more
Nickel plating intermediate-BMP 1606-79-7 more
Nickel plating intermediate-BOZ 110-65-6 more
Nickel plating intermediate-DEP 4079-68-9 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PA 107-19-7 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PABS 125678-52-6 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PAP 3973-17-9 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PME 3973-18-0 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PN 870-72-4 more
Nickel plating intermediate-POPDH 13580-38-6 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PPS 15471-17-7 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PPS-OH 3918-73-8 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PS 55947-46-1 more
Nickel plating intermediate-PZN   more
Nickel plating intermediate-SSO3   more
Nickel plating intermediate-TC-EHS 126-92-1 more
Nickel plating intermediate-VS 3039-83-6 more
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